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We believe above all that Events are about relationships – those that your delegates have with you, those they have with their colleagues and behind the scenes the relationships and trust you have with the creative team you employ to deliver your event. We understand that when you hire our team to produce or provide rental decor for your event that it is your reputation on the line. It may also be your bosses, board’s, committee’s reputation on the line too. So take a look at our previous work, our various brands and at our creative team. You’ll get to know who we are and why we absolutely know that we are the best fit to help you stage your next event!

Thomas Brown – Director


Thomas grew up in Michigan and developed an early love of the Walt Disney theme parks and the high quality of their immersive theme environments from visiting every year while on summer holidays.  He also attained a love of the technical side of theatre that he developed while working with his Dad’s touring theatre troupe, throughout high school Drama courses and while attending the University of Michigan (U of M).  One of his proudest achievements was being accepted into the prestigious NYU Film School. Due to financial reasons Thomas wasn’t able to pursue the programme and instead ventured to Florida to study theme park management attaining the highest Disney University degree avaialble the “Ducktorate” in Theme Park Management.  Yes, it is a real thing and yes he most certainly has the diploma to prove it.

Upon graduating from U of M with a Bachelor’s degree in Organisational/Interpersonal Communications – yes that too is a real thing – he ventured to Perth with his dual citizenship to complete a Post Graduate diploma in Public Relations at Edith Cowan University.  It was while interning in the Wesfarmer’s Public Relations department that he found his love for Corporate Events while helping stage an annual general meeting.  He quickly pivoted into the corporate events sector, joining the technical and creative team at Corporate Theatre Productions where he volunteered his time before becoming a full time member of the team. While there he was headhunted by Gearhouse Group Australia based on the Gold Coast and as they say … The rest is history. Which of course can be found in the timeline of the company history of the website.

Thomas, what do you love most about your job?

“After 23 years working in corporate events my favourite part of the job as company director is having the flexibility and freedom to work with our team and partners across the globe to create and innovate without any of the “red tape” many companies I see are restricted by.  I love bringing a product or event idea to our Australian Industry where it never previously existed, watching it become a successful product line or service.  I’ve been really fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with our team and so many great clients who love experimenting, innovating and stepping outside of the box.  Events are about ensuring that your attendees are presented an engaging, entertaining, motivating, educating, memorable and post-able social media experience.  Helping to create those experiences by all the various things we do behind the scenes with the trust of our clients is what makes this job so much fun.”

Thomas, share a memory about another team member/s that makes you smile in pride….

“There are so many brilliant memories I have with all of our team members that make me smile with pride.  But most recently the proudest moment I have had and was unfortunately only able to share with Caroline and Aaron was the Special Event Award we won last year in New Orleans for Best New Product/Technology for our Augmented Projection Mapping onto our Stealth Modular Panels.  Although I ensured at the acceptance speech that each of our team was recognised, the pride comes more from knowing how much influence, commitment and never give up determination each of our team had by innovating and creating our Modular product line.   We all share the pride of being a part of something we designed, developed and brought to the Australian Event Industry with the help of our clients, suppliers and brilliant team at the Gold Coast Convention Centre.” 

What is the most fun or positively challenging event you have worked on while working at Events Fantastic?

“We were honoured in the first 10 years of our business to be the Official Theming Supplier to the Gold Coast Indy 300.  This event was so challenging for us as a company because of the volume of décor required, almost guaranteed rain and 4 days of working against the race track clock.  The challenge was to ensure no matter how messy the race fans or weather was each day that all of the corporate on track suites looked perfect.  It was definitely one of the most fun events to work on but also one of the most challenging for 10 solid years.  My other favourite/challenging event was when we built a Volcano offshore at Hamilton Island for a Holden launch.  Working on a 6m x 6m platform, during the windows of high tide, on top of the Great Barrier Reef was an experience I won’t soon forget.”

One Word or phrase to describe each of your fellow team members – Go!

Caroline – Efficient

Kerrie – Detailed

CJ – Loyal

Aaron – Determined

Paul – Ideas Man

Ben – Eager

Peter – Chatty

Brad – Adventurous

Jimmy – Hilarious

Caroline Hutchison – General Manager


Caroline is an accomplished Corporate Event Manager who has built a successful career within the events industry, currently leading the vibrant and creative team as the General Manager of Events Fantastic Australia. Caroline has over fifteen years experience, having started her career in the Corporate Event world organising all aspects of conferences, awards, and company events.  Four years ago with a desire to delve further behind the scenes and explore the creative and artistic side of events Caroline traded in her Corporate Event Manager “client” role to join in the vibrant team at Backdrops Fantastic Australia as a “supplier”.  Having extensive experience as both a client and supplier, Caroline uses this experience and understanding to ensure that the creative outcomes provided for clients always aligns with their event objective – which often ultimately is to make the company CEO, Event Organiser and the event as a whole look and feel great to the delegates – of course not necessarily in that order.

Caroline is an active member of the event industry and believes in giving back to the community and industry through volunteering, sponsorship and raising the bar of excellence within the industry. Caroline is a board member  for Meetings and Events Australia and actively involved and member of  Business Chicks, Women In Tourism, Gold Coast Tourism and Burleigh Business Women.

Caroline, what do you love most about your job?

I love my job because everyone shares the same vision and is dedicated to the mission, we’re always changing — always evolving — and I get front row seats watching the process of a simple idea growing into a international business.

Caroline, share a memory about another team member/s that makes you smile in pride….

My tag line for our business is that we’re a small but mighty team and although we’re not quantity based with hundreds of team members we certainly achieve a lot. We’re very fortunate to  work with so many great people that when put together make one big family and my memory that makes me smile in pride is of our youngest team member Aaron. We were fortunate enough to nominate him for the prestigious Australian Event Award for Young Achiever of The Year which is no small feat. We put the nomination in, organised for him to attend with his family unbeknownst to him and although we couldn’t be there physically to see him win the award we were running a concurrent event in Sydney for 1000 guests and while live streaming while simultaneously going live to screen we saw him announced as the winner was a proud moment for me, not only for the fact that he deserved the win but how humble and graceful he was in receiving the award  – which if you know Aaron is a bigger feat than winning the award.

What is the most fun or positively challenging event you have worked on while working at Events Fantastic?

This would hands down have to be May of 2018, 2 events, 2 separate venues, 2600 chair covers to install and 1 very pregnant mumma to be. I don’t know if you’ve ever installed a chair cover before, but imagine a very large basketball under your shirt, trying to reach the floor with your finger tips.

One Word or phrase to describe each of your fellow team members – Go!

Thomas – The Hurricane

Kerrie – The Conductor

CJ – The Quiet Achiever

Aaron – The Bull

Paul – The Perfectionist

Ben – Modular Panel Extraordinaire

Peter – Mr Chatterbox

Brad – Bean Counter

Jimmy – The all-rounder

Aaron Sunderland – Production Specialist


Kerrie Napier – Admin Specialist


CJ Williams – Warehouse Specialist


Peter Liddicoat – Event Photographer


Paul Igglesden – Installation Assistant


Ben Dawson – Installation Assistant


Brad Lawrence – Accounts


Jimmy Platt – Transportation Specialists