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Experienced event management for unforgettable events

Do you want to create an amazing
guest experience from the first welcome drink
to the final curtain call?

When you work with one of Australia’s leading event planning and production companies,
you’ll have peace of mind knowing that nothing is left to chance.

From concept to delivery, the Events Fantastic team collaborates with
event planners and coordinators to deliver a seamless event solution.




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I would highly recommend them to any event organiser

Luke Rowohlt

I always great working with Events Fantastic. I have organised numerous conference main stage sets as well as gala dinner theming and stage design through them. They always provide an amazing service.

What is event planning and production?

Is there a difference?

Quite simply, event planning is organising all the things you’ll see on the day, using the environment and décor to create the desired atmosphere. Event production is the magic that happens behind the scenes that helps bring a little magic or a grand spectacular.
This is done with:

  • Set design and installation
  • Logistics and transport
  • Floor plan design
  • Audiovisuals
  • Lighting
  • Graphics

Events Fantastic combines the technical and creative elements together to deliver so attendees get more than just an event, they get to enjoy an experience.

Events Fantastic provides event planning and production for:




Product Launches

Award Nights

Gala Dinners

Need advice on planning an unforgettable event?

We love the stealth wall as it’s such an innovative product!

Russel Baker

Amazing company to work with! We have used them any times for both creative direction as well as the use of many of their awesome products and selections.

Work with our event planning and production team

You want your event to be engaging and entertaining, motivating and memorable.

And of course, social media post-able.

Make sure it’s all of these things, but for the right reasons.

We’ll collaborate on each stage of the process (our 5 Ds), making sure the vision for your event is achieved.


What are the goals and objectives of your event? What do you want to achieve? Educate or cultivate? Raise awareness or funds? Say thank you for a job well done? What do you want people to say as the doors close?
By setting the intention, everyone involves knows the overall objective.


How do you want your event to look? To feel? To sound?
Taking both the creative and technical and combining them to cover the overall atmosphere for the event, including theming, styling and branding.


When everyone knows what’s happening, everyone knows what to do.
Clear and detailed run-sheets can be the difference between smooth sailing and a complete disaster. And every event needs a series of contingencies.


Bump in. Bump out.
Lights. Audio. Action.
We’ll be the centre-point or the wing-person. Whatever you need.


What worked well. What could have gone better?
What can’t you wait to do again?
The debrief process is so important when it comes to creating fantastic events.

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