Chandelier Hire

When it comes to creating a stunning atmosphere for events, chandeliers are the ideal choice. Whether you’re hosting a large corporate gala dinner or an intimate wedding, giant or medium chandeliers can provide the perfect ambience.


Hire a Chandelier for Your Next Event


Our giant chandeliers are ideal for larger spaces such as ballrooms and convention halls. They create a grandiose effect that will help lower high ceilings and create a vibrant entrance statement for your guests. Not only do they look beautiful, but they also provide dimmable illumination that can help light a room or create vibrant ambiance. With their intricate designs and luxurious chrome and crystal beading, our giant chandeliers can be used to make any event feel special.

Medium chandeliers are great for smaller spaces like marquees and ballrooms. They provide just enough light to create a cozy atmosphere without overpowering the space. Our medium gold chrome chandeliers sparkle with a soft elegance that will fit any Wedding, Gala Awards or theme event such as Gatsby or Hollywood.

No matter what type of event you’re hosting, giant or medium chandeliers can help set the tone and create an unforgettable atmosphere. With their elegant designs and dimmable illumination, Events Fantastic chandeliers are sure to make any event shine!


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Giant Crystal Chandelier

Hire Price: $1000 + GST Size: 1.6m High x 2.3m wide Note: Weight of 76kg per chandelier does not include the weight of rigging equipement such as chain blocks or motors. Enquire for further details


What types of chandeliers do you offer?

We offer a range of luxurious and elegant chandeliers for hire to fit any event or theme. Our offerings include crystal chandeliers for a stunning wedding, antique chandeliers for a rustic barn wedding, gold chandeliers for a glamorous affair, and statement chandeliers for both blushing brides and dapper grooms.


How much does it cost to hire a chandelier for an event?

Our chandeliers come in two sizes, with the Giant Crystal Chandelier measuring 2.3 metres tall and the Medium Crystal Chandelier measuring 1.55 metres tall. Both sizes are sure to add an elegant and luxurious touch to any event, making a lasting impression on every guest!

If you’re curious about the cost of hiring a chandelier for an event, the Giant Crystal Chandelier will cost you $1000 + GST, whereas the Medium Crystal Chandelier will cost you $750 + GST.

Please note that this does not include the cost of rigging equipment such as chain blocks or motors.

For more information regarding our chandelier hire services and to get the best quote for your event, contact our team on 07 5520 4648.


How do I book a chandelier for my event?

  1. Select the chandelier that best suits your event and contact us with your requirements.
  2. We will provide you with an accurate cost quote for your chandelier hire.
  3.  Our experts will install and remove the chandelier at the venue.
  4.  Enjoy the beautiful addition of a chandelier to your event!

If you have any questions regarding our services or your upcoming event, please do not hesitate to give the office a call on 07 5520 4648.

We look forward to creating the most stunning feature at your next event!


What kind of venues can I install a chandelier in?

Chandeliers can be installed in a variety of venues, both large and small, to create an eye-catching statement. For larger spaces, such as ballrooms or exhibition halls, a large chandelier such as the Giant Crystal Candelabra, measuring 2.3 metres tall, is ideal for larger venues.

If you have a medium or smaller venue, a combination of  large and medium chandeliers, such as the Medium Crystal Candelabra at 1.55 metres tall, can create a dynamic ceiling statement.

Chandeliers can also be installed in other types of venues such as barns, gardens, courtyards, marquees and palaces to instantly transform the space.

Whether you want a luxurious crystal chandelier for a gala dinner, an antique chandelier for a rustic wedding, or a gold chandelier for a corporate event, Events Fantastic chandelier hire is the perfect way to transform any event space.

For your convenience, we also provide a setup and pack down service so you don’t have to worry about the installation of your chandelier.

We want to ensure that your special event is a success, so if you need help deciding which chandelier is right for your event, our experienced team can provide advice and guidance.


Do you offer chandeliers for weddings?

Yes, we offer chandeliers for weddings!

We have a beautiful growing range of gorgeous chandeliers for hire various lighting options to take your wedding or event styling to the next level.


What is the lead time for chandelier hire?

What is the lead time for chandelier hire? The minimum response time is 24hrs. If the quote is more urgent, please call us on 07 5520 4648 so we can attend to it immediately.