VIP Red Carpet Entrance
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Event Planning

How to install an event carpet runner

Roll out the red carpet at your next event and create a fabulous first impression.

Our red carpet runners and bollards are very easy to install for your wedding, school formal, awards presentation or any VIP special event entrance.  Here is how to install an event carpet runner - just follow our  RED-Carpet-Installation-Guide to make your guest entrance stands out from the rest.

Installing VIP Red Carpet
Red Carpet Installation Guide

Event Carpet Installation Steps

1. Clean flooring where carpet will be placed.
2. Unroll carpet.
3. Position carpet into desired position.
4. Flip one end approx. 60cm to reveal bottom of carpet.
5. Tape around entire perimeter of carpet as close to edge as possible.
6. Tape additional strip 400cm on either end where guest will enter and exit red carpet.
7. Peel off tape backing from one end and press to secure bonding of tape, carpet and floor.
8. Peel remaining tape backing and press carpet to floor.
9. Stand/walk over taped end several times. Your body weight will help the tape bond to the ground.
10. Sweep or vacuum carpet to remove any dust or debris.

Allow all of your event guests to strut their stuff down the red carpet and into the only place to be - your VIP special event. View our entire range of VIP event entrance hire items, red carpet Hollywood runnersevent carpet runners and event rope and bollards.