2023 School Formal Starry Night with Full Moon
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12 Unforgettable School Formal Themes

2023 School Formal Starry Night with Full Moon

Calamvale Community College Gymnasium -  Year 12 School Formal transformed by Events Fantastic

School Formals and Gala Balls are Back.

Class of 2023, your graduation is fast approaching. Have you started planning your school formal yet? If not, now is the time!

To help you get started, we have created 12 stunning school formal themes that will transform graduation ball event spaces into special occasions that seniors will look back on with fond memories for many years to come.

From glam Hollywood-inspired parties to festive Fire & Ice events, there's sure to be a theme that's perfect for your graduating class.

Many schools are still utilising the locations of their own gymnasiums and auditoriums for their 2023 School Formals. These cost effective locations provide an opportunity to transform these well known school locations into a stunning school formal.

So get creative and start planning an unforgettable night that you and your classmates will always remember!


Glitz & Glamour School Formal Theme

It’s all about the entrance as guests make their way along the crisp white runway and arrive at their stunning Glitz & Glamour formal celebration. Centre stage is brought to life with our magnificent flowing scallop draping, set against jet black shimmer drapes. At table level, slick black linensare complimented by an illuminated perspex tower centrepiece.


A Night in Paris School Formal Theme

Paris, known throughout the world for its glamour, romance and nightlife, is the perfect theme for a night of elegance and style. A Paris-themed formal is sure to be cause for any celebration. Create magical memories in the spellbinding ambiance created by our Eiffel Tower backdrops, enhanced with our red rose fairy light cloche and French inspired room decor. Be whisked away into the moonlit streets of Europe's "City Of Love" - ooh la la!


All That Class School Formal Theme

VIP, influencers and the fashion elite - it's all part of the action and extravaganza that will make everyone feel like a celebrity at this year's formal. As our seniors strut the red carpet to have photos taken by the awaiting paparazzi, inside the room will be buzzing with excitement and suspense for the night ahead. Gorgeous austrian drapes will adorn the room and tables will illuminate from our giant crystal chandelier. You'll have a real Hollywood event theme with our collection of chair covers, backdrops and more!


The Secret Garden School Formal Theme

Like a caterpillar transforming into a beautiful butterfly, school uniforms are replaced with suits and glamorous evening gowns as our guests emerge from arriving cars. Then it’s down the rabbit hole and straight into Alice’s secret garden where guests will find themselves immersed in Wonderland’s magical embrace and where flowers and butterflies abound, fairy lights twinkle and magic fills the air. Alice in Worderland-themed and garden-themed formals are on the rise and we don't moss around when it comes to decor.


Masquerade School Formal Theme

For a magical and elegant evening of mystique, look no further than a masquerade ball for this year’s formal. With stunning Venetian carnival backdrops in hues of blues and mauves enveloping the room, and gorgeous masks from years-gone-by featured on all tables, guests will be transported back to another era. For those who love a bit of dressing up, this is your chance to add that final touch of glamour to your evening wear with a decorative mask.


Under a Starry Night School Formal Theme

Celebrate the end of school under a beautiful starry sky designed to lure guests into a night of enchantment. As our majestic full moon emerges above the stage, guests will be entranced by the glow of twinkling lights upon our LED drapes creating a starry night ball. Adding charm to the evening, is a spectacular life size tree immersing guests into our moonlit starry night.


A Night of Mode School Formal Theme

With pure sophistication echoed in its simplicity, this black and white themed event is all about class -  the class of 2022. Tables and chairs will be adorned in dramatic black linens with a touch of white to accentuate this modern theme. Walls are blacked out with velveteen pipe and drape kits. Tables will feature flowing water suspended centerpieces illuminated from below while giant crystal chandeliers float effortlessly throughout the ceiling space.


Fire & Ice School Formal Theme

Embodying the contrasting forces, Fire & Ice is a visual feast of epic proportion. With a colour palette fusion of warm golds and vibrant reds together with cool tones of white and blues, the focal point will be the cluster of reflective mirror balls suspended over guests shifting the battle between these two mighty forces.


Summer Nights School Formal Theme

Oh those summer nights! Warm breezes, the smell of jasmine and sound of crickets filling the air while memories and good times are made with friends. The perfect ingredients to take you on a journey into an evening of enchantment. Soft drapes, florals and ceiling features accent a relaxed and fun filled night. Explore our Summer and beach formal ideas.


Glow Up School Formal Theme

It’s time to “Glow Up” for your once in a life time illuminated formal. White full length table cloths illuminated from below, illuminated ladies, chair covers and colour-changing orb centerpieces take centre stage. Beams of theatrical lighting enhance LED star drapes that immerse the walls in a vibrant glow.


Ice Magic School Formal Theme

A winter wonderland ball awaits year twelves as they enter down the white carpet and into Ice Magic. Arrive into a soft flowing land of snow and ice where fir trees are blanketed in white and huge snowflakes & scallops float from above. Beams of light cut through the dusty winter haze as a glow of blue lighting will transform the room into a magic wonderland of winter fun.


Time To Shine School Formal Theme

With giant reflective mirror balls suspended overhead and beautiful white chiffon drapes sweeping across the ceiling, your guests will truly shine in their stunning evening wear on this very special night. To add to the splendor of the theme, chairs will be dressed in silver linens as each table hosts a slick perspex centerpiece to provide a sassy ambiance throughout the room.

12 years of study and hard work have finally paid off and it's now time to celebrate with an amazing school formal.

Congratulations to the graduating class of 2022.  School formals are still the highlight for year 12's in Queensland so it is time to celebrate the milestone of graduation at the school ball.  So pull out the dresses and get ready for high school's night of nights.


For more than 20 years, Events Fantastic have been producing dynamic corporate events across Australia. Since Covid-19 has changed the event industry we are delighted to offer our unique event production and creative theming services exclusively to Queensland's graduating class of 2023 in very cost-effective packages.


The Events Fantastic team have worked professionally and voluntarily in coaching students from both high schools and TAFE to develop their understanding and experience in event design and production. We welcome the opportunity to integrate the planning and design process with your students for those wishing to get behind the scenes of what makes a truly memorable event.