Giant Crystal Chandelier

Make Your Event Shine 

When it comes to making a lasting impression at your next event, why not add a little sparkle and glamour? Adding an elegant and timeless touch to any space, Giant Crystal Chandeliers are the perfect way to make your guests feel like royalty. Events Fantastic offer 6 Giant Crystal Candelabra and 6 Medium Crystal Candelabra with dimmable LED lights available for hire from the Gold Coast to Brisbane. Let’s take a look at why adding these spectacular pieces of décor could be just what you need for your next event.

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The Benefits of Using Chandeliers

A chandelier is an eye-catching accessory that can bring grandeur and sophistication to any space. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they also help bring ceiling spaces to life in the most stylish way possible. They are incredibly versatile and can be easily rigged into most event venues. Whether you’re planning a wedding reception or a corporate event, chandeliers will provide the perfect finishing touch for your event décor.

Chandeliers come in two sizes of Giant and Medium. The Giant Crystal Candelabra available from Events Fantastic measure 2.3 metres tall, making them ideal for larger spaces such as ballrooms or banquet halls where you want to make an impactful statement. The Medium Crystal Candelabra measure 1.55 metres tall and look fantastic combined with the Giant Crystal Candelabra in larger venues or perfectly in medium to smaller venues.  Both have dimmable LED lights allow you to create different moods throughout the evening.

The Perfect Finishing Touch

When it comes to extravagance, there is no holding back when it comes to our timeless Giant Crystal Chandelier! These beautiful pieces of décor will perfectly complement any size and style of event while leaving your guests mesmerized with its beauty. Our high-quality classic chandeliers are sure to make a lasting impression on every guest who witnesses their grandeur!

With their classic design and shimmering lights, our Giant Crystal Chandeliers offer an elegant addition that will enhance any event from ordinary to extraordinary! From gala’s and awards ceremonies, right through to weddings, our chandelier hire service will make sure that your special occasion is truly memorable!

Get in touch with Events Fantastic today if you would like more information about hiring one of our stunning chandeliers for your next event!

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Hire Price: $1000 + GST
Weight: 76kg
Size: 1.6m High x 2.3m wide
Note: Weight of 76kg per chandelier does not include the weight of rigging equipement such as chain blocks or motors. Enquire for further details
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