Illuminated Luminous Ladies

Enhancing Memorable Moments

The Illuminated Luminous Ladies are not just statues but a transformative element for any event. Ideal for awards nights, gala dinners, and special occasions, these pieces bring an extra sense of style and minimalism. Their sleek design and subtle lighting add a sophisticated ambience, perfect for events requiring elegance and understated glamour. They are particularly effective in creating a focal point or enhancing the theme of high-end events.

Design and Impact

Standing at an impressive 2.1 metres, each Illuminated Lady is a statement piece that combines the grace of classical art with the simplicity of modern design. The LED lighting within these statues offers a gentle glow, casting an enchanting light that can set the mood for any event. Whether used to illuminate a red carpet, flank a stage, or create an elegant backdrop, these statues will leave a lasting impression.

Versatility for Various Themes

Our Illuminated Ladies are versatile and suitable for various themes, from minimalist chic to avant-garde. Their ability to complement various decor styles makes them an excellent choice for event planners looking to add a unique touch to their venue. The LED lights can be adjusted to fit the event’s colour scheme, ensuring these statues fit in and enhance the overall aesthetic.


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Product Features

  • Perfect for Gala Dinners and Award Nights
  •  Height: 2.1 metres
  •  Adjustable Full-Colour LED lighting
  •  Elegant, minimalist design
  •  Indoor/outdoor versatility
  •  Lightweight yet stable
Hire Price: $125 + GST
Weight: 10.5kg
Size: Depth without base 460,mm with base 585mm, Width 360mm, Height 2.1m
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