African Savannah 1

Authentic African Ambience

Be captivated by the African savannah backdrop, a stunning portrayal of wild elegance. The artwork, in muted earthy tones, beautifully captures the vast savannah landscape. Two cheetahs and a group of zebras, depicted with remarkable detail, add vibrancy and life to the scene. Their unique patterns and fluid movements showcase the artist’s ability to capture the essence of these majestic creatures.

The use of light and shadow in the artwork adds depth and beautifully conveys the effect of sunlight across the savannah. The golden hues of the fields and the warm desert sand tones contrast strikingly with the bright colours of the animals and the greenery, enhancing the scene’s realism and making it an ideal choice for events desiring a true African atmosphere.

Perfect for Themed Occasions

This African Savannah backdrop is ideal for a range of events, including theme parties, theatrical performances, musicals, and dance recitals. Its vivid portrayal of the African wilderness makes it a perfect choice for events aiming to create an exotic and adventurous atmosphere.

Code: OA001
Type: Sectional 3PHP
Weight: 17kg
Size: 6.2m High x 12.05m Wide
Note: This is a 3 piece sectional backdrop
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