Grease Funfair

Vibrant Carnival Ambience

The Grease Funfair Backdrop radiates a vibrant carnival vibe, featuring elegantly detailed vintage cars and a dazzling Ferris wheel amidst colourful balloons. Its intricate design and festive colours capture the lively essence of a traditional carnival. A whimsically adorned table with purple and pink balloons adds to the cheerful atmosphere. This visually stunning backdrop evokes a nostalgic and joyous carnival spirit.

Ideal Use

This backdrop is ideal for a wide range of events, offering a vibrant and versatile setting. Its retro charm is perfect for ’50s and ’60s-themed parties, adding a nostalgic touch. The backdrop also transforms school events and proms with its unique and captivating atmosphere. Additionally, it enhances theatrical productions and dance recitals with its lively carnival scene and festive vibe.

Code: DE015
Type: Sectional 2PDP
Weight: 21.2kg
Size: 6.2m High x 12.13m Wide
Note: This is a 2 piece sectional backdrop
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