Sydney Harbour

Transform Your Space with Australia’s Iconic Vistas

This backdrop transports viewers to the heart of Australia with its stunning depiction of the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Set against a serene evening sky, the warm hues of sunset illuminate the Opera House, while the Harbour Bridge stretches majestically across calm waters. This visual masterpiece captures the essence of Sydney’s bustling night scene, making it an ideal choice for events seeking to bring a touch of iconic Australian scenery indoors.

Breathtaking View for any Event

Incorporate this backdrop into your event to create a breathtaking focal point. Whether it’s a gala, corporate event, or a themed party, this backdrop adds a layer of sophistication and beauty, ensuring your venue stands out. Its versatility makes it perfect for theatrical performances, musicals, or dance recitals, especially those aiming to evoke the vibrant spirit of Sydney.

Code: CI003
Type: Sectional 3PHP
Weight: 14kg
Size: 6.33m High x 12.18m Wide
Note: This is a 3 piece sectional backdrop
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