3 Prong Crystal Candelabra

Timeless Elegance

The 3 Prong Crystal Candelabra from Events Fantastic is the epitome of sophistication and timeless beauty. Ideal for any event, from intimate weddings to grand gala dinners, this candelabra exudes a classic charm that never goes out of style. Its dimensions (40cm wide x 50cm high) make it a perfect centrepiece, commanding attention without overwhelming the table setting. The use of LED candles ensures safety and convenience, providing a warm, inviting glow that enhances the ambience of any occasion.

Versatile Styling for Every Event

Whether you’re planning a corporate event, a themed party, or a fundraiser, the 3 Prong Crystal Candelabra adapts effortlessly to your styling needs. Its crystal design complements a wide range of themes, from vintage elegance to modern chic, making it a versatile choice for event planners and decorators. The LED light feature adds a contemporary touch, ensuring that this candelabra fits seamlessly into both traditional and modern event settings.

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Practical and Safe Event Decor

The practicality of the 3 Prong Crystal Candelabra lies in its lightweight design (1 kg) and the use of LED candles. This not only makes it easy to transport and set up but also ensures a safe, flame-free environment. The LED candles provide a consistent light source throughout the event, eliminating the need for replacements and the risks associated with open flames.

Hire Price: $50 + GST
Weight: 1 kg
Size: 40cm Wide x 50cm High
Note: Each crystal candelabra centrepiece comes with LED candles
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