3 Stage Telescopic Upright 6m (2.5m – 6m / 8′ – 20′)

Transformative Height for Dynamic Event Spaces

The 3 Stage Telescopic Upright 6m is a game-changer in event staging, offering unparalleled height and flexibility. With an adjustable range from 2.5m to a towering 6m, this upright is perfect for creating visually stunning displays and backdrops that truly captivate and impress your audience.

Engineered for Strength and Stability

Crafted by Innovative Systems, a leader in event rental rigging, this telescopic upright boasts a load rating of 22.6kg when used with a 16kg baseplate and 10kg shot bag. This robust construction ensures that your event setup is not only visually impressive but also safe and secure, capable of supporting a variety of decorative elements.

Versatility Meets Ease of Use

Designed with the user in mind, the 3 Stage Telescopic Upright 6m features a telescopic slip mechanism for easy height adjustment, ensuring quick and convenient setup. Its lightweight design makes transportation and manoeuvring effortless, allowing for stunning event decor setups at various venues.

Product Feature

  • Adjustable Height Range: Extends from 2.5m to 6m, catering to diverse event spaces.
  • Robust Construction: Engineered for a load capacity of 22.6kg, ensuring stability and safety.
  • User-Friendly Design: Features a telescopic slip mechanism for effortless height adjustment.
  • Lightweight and Portable: Easy to transport and manoeuvre, ideal for various event locations.
  • Compatibility with Accessories: Requires a 16kg base plate and 10kg shot bag for optimal setup.
Hire Price: $10 + GST
Weight: 6 kg
Size: 0.05m Wide x 6m High
Note: Requires a 16kg base plate, spigot and 10kg shot bag
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