Chinese Dragon Prop

Have you ever wanted to transport yourself to Ancient China? Now you can! With the Chinese Dragon Prop, you can bring a bit of traditional Chinese culture and mystique to any event. Whether it’s for a Chinese New Year celebration or a theatrical performance, the Vibrant Chinese Lion Dragon prop will be sure to impress.

This meticulously-crafted prop embodies the beauty, power and strength of a traditional Chinese dragon. As the fierce yet friendly guardian spirit of China, this powerful companion will be your key to unlocking an authentic ancient experience. Our colourful design is sure to be captivating with its vibrant hues and eye-catching features, making it unforgettable for all who witness its majesty in action.

And here’s the best part — you don’t have to go far! Available for hire Australia-wide.

So don’t wait another minute — reserve your Chinese Dragon Prop today and open the door to adventure!





Hire Price: $400 + GST
Size: 4.1 metres long x 400mm
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