Chinese Dragon Prop

Enchanting Oriental Aesthetics

Indulge your celebration in the rich tapestry of Ancient China with the Chinese Dragon Prop.

This meticulously constructed object is more than just a prop; it serves as a doorway to a mysterious and traditional world.

Beautiful colours and a detailed design that captures the strength, power, and beauty of the traditional Chinese dragon make it perfect for Chinese New Year celebrations or theatrical productions.

This prop, which is a representation of wealth and good fortune, will not only improve the event’s aesthetic appeal but also add a cultural element.

Majestic Design Details

The Chinese Dragon Prop, measuring an impressive 4.1 meters in length, is a testament to artistic craftsmanship.

Its fierce yet friendly appearance captures the essence of the guardian spirit of China.

The prop’s colourful design, with eye-catching features, ensures it stands out, making a memorable impact on your guests.

The dragon’s vibrant colours and detailed construction make it a centrepiece that commands attention and admiration.

Versatile Event Companion

Whether it’s a corporate event, a theme party, or a gala dinner, the Chinese Dragon Prop is versatile enough to fit various themes.

Its presence can transform an ordinary space into an extraordinary setting, offering a unique experience to your guests.

The prop’s adaptability makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor settings, ensuring that your event space transforms into an authentic ancient Chinese experience.




Hire Price: $400 + GST
Size: 4.1 metres long x 400mm
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