Chinese Lanterns

Captivating Oriental Charm

Engage your event in the enchanting glow of our Chinese Lanterns, a perfect blend of traditional aesthetics and modern elegance.

Available in various sizes (1m, 85cm, 65cm), these lanterns are not just lighting fixtures; they’re a cultural experience. Their vibrant colours and intricate designs create an atmosphere of mystique and allure, ideal for themed events, elegant gatherings, or adding a unique touch to any occasion.

Transforming Spaces

Our Chinese Lanterns are versatile decor elements that can transform any space into an oriental paradise.

Whether suspended above a dance floor, adorning a marquee, or creating a pathway of light, these lanterns add a magical touch.

They are perfect for weddings, corporate events, cultural festivals, or any occasion that desires a sophisticated and exotic ambience.

Easy Setup and Impactful Presence

Our Chinese Lanterns are not only visually stunning but also practical. They are easy to set up and dismantle, making them a hassle-free addition to your event.

Their impactful presence, combined with their ease of use, makes them a favourite among event planners and decorators seeking to create a memorable and visually stunning experience.

Hire Price: $20 + GST
Size: Various Sizes from 1m, 85cm, 65cm
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