Curtain Track Reveal 6.5m – Jands

Professional and Elegant Presentation

The Curtain Track Reveal 6.5m by Jands is an essential tool for creating professional and elegant presentations at events. With a size of 3m Wide x 6.5m High, it is perfect for revealing stages, screens, or other focal points, adding a dramatic and polished touch to any event.

Key Features: Smooth and Durable

Size: 3m Wide x 6.5m High, ideal for large-scale reveals

Weight: 10 kg, ensuring stability and smooth operation

Material: Constructed from high-quality components for longevity

Design: Engineered for smooth and reliable reveals

Ideal Uses: Dynamic and Impactful

This curtain track is ideal for a variety of events, from theatrical productions to corporate presentations. Its ability to create dynamic and impactful reveals makes it a popular choice for event planners seeking to add a touch of drama and elegance to their events.

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Hire Price: 0.01c
Weight: 10 kg
Size: 3m Wide x 6.5m High
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