Dry Bar Table Hire

Elegant Functionality for Every Event

The Dry Bar Table, often known as a cocktail table, is a versatile and elegant addition to any event.

With its robust brushed aluminium top and a height of 1.1 metres, it’s perfect for weddings, corporate functions, or birthday celebrations.

Its adaptability allows it to blend seamlessly into various settings, making it an ideal choice for events across the Gold Coast and Northern NSW.

Customisable to Match Your Theme

One of the key features of the Dry Bar Table is its customisability.

Available with lycra covers in various colours, these tables can be tailored to match your event’s colour scheme.

Whether you prefer wedding white, formal black, or something more vibrant, there’s a perfect fit for every occasion.

Complementary Seating Options

Enhance your event with our range of seating options that pair perfectly with the Dry Bar Tables.

Choose from robust Tolix Stools in a variety of colours or opt for contemporary ghost stools in black, white, or transparent.

These seating choices not only provide comfort but also add to the aesthetic appeal of your event.

Accessorise for Added Charm

While the Dry Bar Tables are stunning on their own, accessorising them can enhance the style of your event.

Consider adding a shimmer backdrop, neon sign, or illuminated light-up letters to create a memorable and unique atmosphere.

Hire Price: $25 + GST
Size: 60cm diameter top x 114m tall
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