Giant Flower 4m Diameter

A Blossoming Attraction

Make a bold statement at your next event with our Giant Flower, an awe-inspiring decor piece that spans an impressive 4 meters in diameter. Ideal for themed parties, gala dinners, or any event where you want to make a grand impression, this Giant Flower is not just a decor item but a conversation starter.

Perfect for Various Themes

Whether you’re planning a spring garden party, a fairy-tale wedding, or a whimsical corporate event, the Giant Flower provides a versatile backdrop. Its size and visual impact make it suitable for a range of themes, adding a touch of magic and fantasy to your event.

Easy Setup and Transport

Despite its large size, the Giant Flower is surprisingly easy to handle. Weighing only 28.5 kg, it can be transported and set up with minimal hassle, ensuring that your event setup is as smooth as possible.

Complement the Giant Flower with LED fairy lights for a magical evening glow, a garden archway for an elegant entrance, butterfly decorations for added whimsy, and artificial grass carpet to complete the garden theme.


Hire Price: $250 + GST
Weight: 28.5 kg
Size: 4m Diameter
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