Ice Wall

A Versatile Backdrop for Events – Transform Your Venue with the Ice Wall

The Ice Wall from Backdrop Fantastic is a unique and versatile modular set, perfect for adding a sophisticated and contemporary touch to any event. Each panel, measuring 60cm x 60cm, is lightweight at under 1kg, making it easy to transport and set up. The matte white finish of the panels is designed to beautifully reflect and absorb lighting, creating an enchanting atmosphere for your event.

Effortless Installation

One of the key features of the Ice Wall is its hassle-free installation. No tools are required, and the custom modular QR cross bars attach easily to various rigging options. This means you can set up the backdrop quickly and efficiently, without needing specialized equipment or extensive technical knowledge.

Product Features

  • Modular design, versatile setup options
  • Lightweight panels, easy transportation
  • Quick, tool-free installation
  • Matte finish for lighting effects
  • Suitable for various event sizes

Hire Price: $20 + GST
Weight: 800 grams
Size: 60cm x 60cm
Note: Design based on client requirements
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