Inflatable Tusk

Majestic Ambience

The Inflatable Tusk offers a unique and majestic addition to any event setting. Measuring 0.58m wide and 3m high, this inflatable decor piece is not only visually striking but also imbued with a sense of grandeur. It comes equipped with coloured RGB lighting and a remote, allowing for a customizable and dynamic lighting experience that enhances its visual appeal.

Ideal for Themed Events and Exhibitions

This inflatable tusk is perfect for themed events, exhibitions, or any occasion that calls for a touch of the extraordinary. Its impressive size and lighting features make it a focal point, ideal for creating a memorable and engaging atmosphere. Whether it’s for a safari-themed party, a corporate event, or an art exhibition, the Inflatable Tusk adds a unique element of sophistication.

Lightweight and Easy to Install

Despite its large size, the Inflatable Tusk is surprisingly lightweight at just 6.1 kg, making it easy to transport and set up. This ease of installation is a significant advantage for event planners, ensuring a hassle-free addition to their venue.

Product Features

  • Quick and easy to inflate
  • Durable, weather-resistant material
  • Versatile placement options
  • Eye-catching, unique design
  • Suitable for indoor/outdoor use
Hire Price: $100 + GST
Weight: 6.1 kg
Size: 0.58m Wide x 3m High
Note: Comes with coloured rgb light and remote
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