Nutcracker Cloche Centrepiece 2

Hire Price: $60 + GST
Weight: 2.1 kg
Size: 28cm Wide x 45cm High
Note: Nutcracker Cloche Centrepiece - Black & Gold Hat
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A Festive Elegance

The Nutcracker Cloche Centrepiece 2 is a stunning addition to any Christmas-themed event. Its authentic and festive appearance adds a touch of elegance and tradition to your holiday decor. Perfect for holiday balls or festive gatherings, this centrepiece captures the essence of Christmas with its detailed design and classic appeal.

Exquisite Design Details

This centrepiece features a unique Nutcracker figure under a cloche, adorned with a striking black and gold hat. The intricate details of the Nutcracker and the sophisticated colour scheme make it a focal point of any table setting. It's the perfect size to create an impactful visual without overwhelming the table.

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Versatile and Practical

Not only does this centrepiece bring a festive spirit to your event, but it's also practical. It's easy to transport and set up. The durable design ensures it can be a part of your holiday celebrations for years to come.