Rustic Kerosene Lantern

Ageless Rustic Charm

The Rustic Kerosene Lantern from Events Fantastic is a quintessential piece that brings a touch of timeless elegance to any event. Its classic design, reminiscent of old-world charm, is perfect for creating a warm, inviting atmosphere. This lantern is an ideal size for table centrepieces or decorative accents throughout your venue. The inclusion of LED tealights ensures safety without compromising on the ambient glow that traditional kerosene lanterns are known for.

Versatile Styling for Every Theme

Whether you’re planning a vintage wedding, a rustic-themed corporate event, or an outdoor gathering, the Rustic Kerosene Lantern seamlessly fits into various themes. Its versatility makes it a go-to choice for event planners looking to add a sophisticated yet homely feel to their decor. The rustic metal finish complements both traditional and contemporary settings, making it a flexible option for different event styles.

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Practical and Safe

The Rustic Kerosene Lantern is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical and safe for all types of events. It’s lightweight and easy to transport and set up. The LED tealights provide the beauty of candlelight without the risk, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. This lantern is a worry-free addition to your event decor, ensuring both beauty and safety.

Hire Price: $20 + GST
Weight: 0.3kg
Size: 31cm Wide x 25cm High
Note: Each Rustic Metal Kerosene Lantern comes with LED tealights
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