Santa Chair

Captivating Christmas Charm

Immerse in the holiday spirit with our Santa Chair, a majestic piece embodying the essence of Christmas. Adorned in vibrant red and green, this chair isn’t just a seat; it’s a throne that enhances the festive mood of any event. Its sturdy build ensures safety and stability, ideal for a variety of gatherings, from corporate celebrations to private festive parties. This chair is more than a prop; it’s a symbol of Christmas joy and nostalgia.

Memorable Photo Moments

Our Santa Chair, measuring an impressive 1m wide and 1.6m high, stands as a magnificent centrepiece for photo opportunities. It invites guests of all ages to capture memorable moments, whether it’s a picture with Santa or simply soaking in the festive ambience. This chair acts as a beacon of joy, encouraging merry-making and unforgettable memories.

Practical Aspects

Please note, the Santa Chair weighs 38.5 kg and requires a two-person lift. Special delivery arrangements are made by our Events Fantastic team, ensuring the chair’s safe and pristine arrival at your event. This level of care in handling and transportation guarantees that the chair will be the highlight of your Christmas celebration.

Hire Price: $300 + GST Hire Price is per 24hrs of use
Weight: 38.5 kg
Size: 1m Wide x 1.6m High
Note: 2 chairs are available for hire
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