Silver Motion 1 Centrepiece

Hire Price: $60 + GST
Weight: 0.8 kg
Size: 15cm Wide x 36cm High
Note: Chrome silver motion centrepiece
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A Dazzling Addition to Your Event

The Silver Motion 1 Centrepiece is a stunning addition to any event table. Its sleek chrome silver design exudes sophistication and modern elegance. It is perfectly sized to add a touch of glamour without overwhelming the table setting. Its reflective surface catches the light beautifully, creating a dynamic and engaging visual effect that will captivate your guests.

Versatile Styling for Various Themes

This centrepiece is incredibly versatile, seamlessly fitting into a wide range of event themes. Whether you're hosting a gala dinner, a corporate event, or a themed party, the Silver Motion 1 Centrepiece adapts to your styling needs. Its neutral silver tone complements any colour scheme, making it a go-to choice for event planners seeking a sophisticated and adaptable decor item.

Practical Details

Hiring the Silver Motion 1 Centrepiece is straightforward and hassle-free. Priced at $60 + GST, it offers an affordable yet luxurious option for event decor. The centrepiece ensures easy transportation and setup. Its compact dimensions allow for effortless integration into various table layouts, from intimate gatherings to large-scale events.

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