Splinter Set

Splinter Set – Striking and Dynamic Design

The Splinter Set is a dynamic and visually striking stage set, perfect for adding a modern and edgy touch to any event. With its design based on client requirements, this set can range in size from 3m wide to 6m-7m tall, making it adaptable for various event spaces. The Splinter Set’s bold and contemporary design is ideal for events that aim to make a strong visual statement.

Tailored to Enhance Your Event Theme

This set is not just a backdrop; it’s a key element in defining the atmosphere of your event. Whether it’s for a product launch, a fashion show, or a corporate event, the Splinter Set can be customised to align with and enhance your event’s theme. Its ability to adapt to different settings makes it a versatile choice for event planners.

A Centrepiece for Impactful Events

The Splinter Set serves as a centrepiece that immediately draws attention and creates a focal point for your event. It’s an ideal choice for events where making a bold and memorable impact is essential. This set not only enhances the visual appeal of the event but also contributes to creating an immersive experience for attendees.

Suggested Items

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Hire Price: POA
Weight: Subject to design
Size: 3m wide x 6m-7m tall
Note: Design based on client requirements
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