Truss Lycra Sock Black

Elegant Design & Versatility

The Truss Lycra Sock Black is a sophisticated and versatile decor item, perfect for adding a sleek and modern touch to any event setting.

Its elegant black lycra material seamlessly blends with various themes, making it an ideal choice for corporate events, weddings, and upscale gatherings.

The stretchable fabric ensures a snug fit over truss structures, offering a clean and professional look.

Easy Setup & Durability

This product is designed for ease of use and durability.

The Truss Lycra Sock can be effortlessly slipped over trussing, transforming the look of your stage or event space in minutes.

Its durable material withstands the rigours of repeated use, ensuring it remains a staple in your event decor arsenal for years to come.

Styling Tips & Inspiration

Get creative with the Truss Lycra Sock Black by incorporating it into various event themes.

Use it as a backdrop for a DJ booth, as part of a sophisticated gala dinner setting, or to add a modern edge to a product launch.

Its black colour provides a neutral canvas, allowing other decor elements to stand out.

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