Wedding Drape LED

Transform Celebrations into Magical Ambience

The Wedding Drape LED is a stunning addition to any wedding, offering a magical twinkle that transforms the atmosphere. The white material beautifully reflects light, creating a captivating and romantic setting. This drape is designed to adapt to different lighting needs, offering options like a gentle twinkle, bright chase, or static twinkle, making it perfect for both day and night celebrations.

Versatile and Enchanting

This LED drape is not just for weddings; more than a decor item; it’s a transformative element that turns any event into a fairytale. Its ability to create a warm, inviting, and romantic atmosphere makes it an essential choice for those special moments.

Product Features

  • Creates a gentle, twinkling ambience
  • Adaptable light modes for mood
  • Enhances day and night aesthetics
  • Magical atmosphere for celebrations
  • White material enhances light reflection




Hire Price: $300 + GST
Weight: 8KG
Size: 3m Tall x 6m Wide
Note: White Wedding Drape LED Star Drape 3m tall x 6m wide
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