White Chiffon Drape 6.5m H x 3.2m W

Elegant Simplicity

The White Chiffon Drape is a timeless piece, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any event. Its sheer, flowing fabric creates a soft, ethereal look, ideal for weddings, gala dinners, and corporate events. The drape’s simple yet sophisticated design ensures it complements a variety of themes and colour schemes.

Versatile Styling Options

This drape is not just about aesthetics; it’s also incredibly versatile. Whether you’re looking to create a romantic wedding backdrop, a sleek conference setting, or a chic photo booth, the White Chiffon Drape adapts effortlessly. Its dimensions (3.2m wide x 6.5m high) make it suitable for both small and large spaces.

Product Features

  • Enhances ambience, adds elegance
  • Versatile for various event themes
  • Ideal for romantic settings
  • Effortless installation, user-friendly
  • Complements additional decor beautifully
Hire Price: $125 + GST
Weight: 3.1 kg
Size: 3.2m Wide x 6.5m High
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