White Curved Tivoli Stairs

Grand Entrance for Gala Events

The White Curved Tivoli Stairs are a magnificent addition to any gala event, offering a grand and elegant entrance. Perfect for high-profile events, award ceremonies, and weddings, these stairs provide a stunning focal point and enhance the overall aesthetic of your venue.

Specifications and Design

Measuring 4.8m wide and 2.4m high, with 6 steps each 15cm high (total height 90cm), these stairs are not only visually impressive but also practical. Their design ensures ease of use for guests, making them a functional yet stylish choice for event planners.

Luxurious and Photogenic

These stairs are not just a means of access; they are a statement piece. Their luxurious design makes them highly photogenic, perfect for creating memorable moments and social media-worthy snapshots at your event.

Product Features

  • Elegant Design: Graceful, sweeping curve for style.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for stage access, photo ops, or grand entrances.
  • Durable Build: Constructed for frequent, reliable use.
  • Comfortable Steps: Wide steps for easy, safe use.
  • Neutral Colour: Classic white, fits any theme or colour scheme.
Hire Price: $1000 + GST
Weight: Subject to design
Size: 4.8m Wide x .90m High
Note: 6 steps 15cm each = total height 90cm
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