Great Gatsby Motif B Party Backdrop

Glamorous Elegance for Timeless Occasions

Dive into the roaring twenties with our Gatsby Motif Backdrop, a stunning representation of elegance and sophistication that instantly transports any event back to the glamorous era of “The Great Gatsby.” This backdrop is intricately designed with black and gold accents, covering the entirety of the space it adorns and creating an atmosphere of luxury and opulence. The iconic “The Great Gatsby” logo, prominently featured in gold against a black background, adds a touch of grandeur, making it an ideal choice for events seeking to capture the essence of the 1920s.

Ideal Use for Themed Events and Performances

This backdrop is perfect for a variety of occasions, including theme events, theatrical performances, musicals, or dance recitals that aim to evoke the lavish lifestyle of the Gatsby era. Its visually striking contrast and the fusion of black and gold elements make it a captivating focal point for Gatsby-themed parties, vintage weddings, 1920s-themed corporate events, theatrical productions set in the Jazz Age and dance recitals featuring music from the 1920s.

Code: AD005B
Type: Non Sectional 1PDP
Weight: 6kg
Size: 2.3m High x 4.7m Wide
Note: This is a 1 piece non sectional backdrop and it comes with its own support rigging