Austrian Drape Gold

Golden Grandeur

The Austrian Drape Gold is a symbol of timeless elegance and luxury. This drape features a richly pleated design, crafted from luxurious fabric that shimmers in gold. Its ability to transform under different lighting conditions – from a shiny light gold satin in bright spaces to a deep, dark glamorous gold under dim lights – makes it a versatile choice for various event themes.

Seamless Integration

Each drape, measuring 3m wide, is equipped with a super-smooth zipper closure, allowing for seamless integration with other drapes. This feature enables the creation of stunning, continuous backdrops that can be tailored to fit any event space, from intimate gatherings to grand ballrooms.

Dynamic Lighting Compatibility

The Gold Austrian Drape’s fabric is particularly responsive to lighting, especially when paired with amber LED Strip uplighting. This interaction creates a dynamic and captivating visual effect, perfect for adding a touch of drama and sophistication to any event.

Product Features

  • Timeless glamour, modern design twist
  • Luxurious pleating, smooth zipper closure
  • Transforms with different lighting conditions
  • Suitable for various event spaces
  • Seamless join with multiple drapes




Hire Price: $75 - $150 + GST
Weight: Depends upon size
Size: Available in 3m & 10 Metres Height x 3 Metres Wide
Note: All of our Austrian drapes zip together to form a seamless join between drapes
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