Gold Microdot Drape

A Touch of Luxury and Stunning Background for Any Occasion

The Gold Microdot Drape is a masterpiece of elegance, perfect for adding a luxurious touch to various events. Its rich fabric, adorned with shimmering gold dots, provides a stunning backdrop that is ideal for theatres, dance recitals, weddings, and corporate events. The drape’s dimensions (3m wide x 6.5m tall) make it a versatile choice for different spaces, ensuring your event is draped in sophistication.

Transforming Spaces with Style

This drape is not just a backdrop; it’s a transformative element for any venue. Whether you’re looking to create a lavish wedding atmosphere or a professional setting for a corporate event, the Gold Microdot Drape effortlessly enhances the ambience. Its texture and colour add depth and warmth, making it a focal point of your event’s decor.

Product Features

  • Enhances Ambience with Golden Sheen
  • Luxurious Texture for Elegant Events
  • Versatile for Various Event Themes
  • Easy Setup for Efficient Use
  • Reflects Light for Dramatic Effect
Hire Price: $100 + GST
Size: 3m wide x 6.5m tall
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