Baseplate – Round

Elegant Simplicity

The Round Baseplate is a quintessential element for any event, offering both functionality and style.

With its sleek design and 0.4m diameter, this baseplate is perfect for creating stable and elegant displays.

Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate event, or a sophisticated party, this baseplate adds a touch of class to your event decor.

Versatile Functionality

This round baseplate is not just about looks; it’s incredibly versatile.

Use it as a foundation for table centrepieces, as a stable base for decorative columns, or even as a unique display stand.

Its 0.4m diameter ensures it’s large enough to support a variety of decorations while maintaining a discreet presence.

Seamless Integration

The Round Baseplate is designed to blend seamlessly with any event theme.

Its neutral appearance and size make it an ideal choice for various event styles, from minimalist modern to classic elegance.

It’s a subtle yet essential component that enhances the overall aesthetic of your event space.

Hire Price: 0.01c
Size: 0.4m Diameter
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