Camouflage Net Prop

Adaptable Netting to Transform Your Space

Our Camouflage Net Prop is the ultimate solution for creating an immersive Jungle Party atmosphere.

Available in various sizes, including 6m x 6m, 3m x 3m, 3.5m x 6m, and 1.2m x 6m, these nets are perfect for transforming any space into a lush, mysterious jungle.

Whether you’re hosting a themed event on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, or anywhere in Australia, this prop will add a touch of adventure and intrigue.

A Jungle Adventure Experience

Ideal for a range of themes, from military-inspired events to exotic jungle parties, the Camouflage Net Prop seamlessly integrates with your chosen style. Its versatile design allows for creative use in various settings, ensuring your event stands out with a unique and engaging theme.

Practical and Easy Setup

Our Camouflage Net Prop is not only visually striking but also practical and easy to set up. It’s lightweight, making transportation and installation a breeze.

This prop is an ideal choice for event planners looking for a hassle-free yet impactful decor solution.



Hire Price: $75 + GST
Size: Various Sizes Available 6m x 6m, 3m x 3m, 3.5m x 6m and 1.2m x 6m
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