Giant King of Hearts Playing Card

Hire Price: $150 + GST
Size: 1.6m Wide x 2.3m High
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A Majestic Regal Addition to Your Event

The Giant King of Hearts Playing Card stands as a towering figure at your event, bringing a touch of royal elegance. Its impressive dimensions make it an unmissable centrepiece, perfect for adding a grandiose flair to any setting. Whether it's a corporate event, charity gala, or private party, this prop's commanding presence transforms any venue into a palace of entertainment.

Ideal for Casino or Las Vegas Themed Events

This prop is not just a decoration; it's a thematic anchor. Seamlessly integrating into Las Vegas or casino-themed events, sets the stage for an immersive experience. Its design and size are perfect for creating a captivating backdrop, enhancing the overall theme and contributing to a cohesive event atmosphere.

Effortless Setup

Despite its size, the Giant King of Hearts Playing Card is designed for easy installation. Its lightweight framing ensures that setting it up is hassle-free, allowing for a swift transformation of your event space. This ease of setup is crucial for event planners who need to manage time and resources efficiently. Pair the Giant King of Hearts with our other colossal playing cards—the Ace of Hearts, Queen of Hearts, Jack of Hearts and 10 of Hearts—for an ensemble that will mesmerize your guests.
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Answers to your questions

1. How can the Giant King of Hearts Playing Card add a unique touch to my event?

The Giant King of Hearts Playing Card is the ultimate wow factor for your event, transforming any space into a wonderland with its vibrant design and captivating presence. It instantly grabs attention and becomes the centrepiece of conversations, making your event truly unforgettable.