Giant King of Hearts Playing Card

Prepare for an unforgettable experience as you unleash the regal charm of the King of Hearts upon your event.

Standing tall at an impressive 2.3 meters tall and 1.6 meters wide, our Giant King Playing Card is a sight to behold. Lightweight framing that is easy installation, ensuring that you effortlessly set the stage for a Las Vegas or casino-themed event. Let the aura of royalty envelope your event and leave a lasting impression on all who attend.

But why settle for just one showstopper when you can create an even grander spectacle? Pair the Giant King of Hearts with our other colossal playing cards—the Ace of Hearts, Queen of Hearts, Jack of Hearts and 10 of Hearts—for an ensemble that will mesmerize your guests. Imagine the awe-inspiring sight of a larger-than-life card collection, bringing the magic of casinos and games to life.

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Whether you’re organizing a corporate event, a charity gala, or a private party, the Giant King of Hearts Playing Card Prop is the perfect addition to elevate your decor. Its presence commands attention, turning any ordinary venue into a palace of casino entertainment.

Events Fantastic takes pride in delivering exceptional quality and attention to detail. Our Giant King of Hearts Playing Card Prop is meticulously designed to ensure a flawless and breathtaking display. We understand the importance of creating a remarkable ambience for your event. With this giant prop, you can effortlessly transform any space into the essence of a Casino or Las Vegas Theme.

Hire Price: $150 + GST
Size: 1.6m Wide x 2.3m High
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