Indian Bohemian Parasol

Authentic Indian Craftsmanship

Experience the vibrant essence of Indian culture with our Indian Bohemian Parasol.

Each parasol is a testament to traditional Indian artistry, featuring hand-stitched designs and motifs that bring an authentic touch to any event.

Ideal for Indian or Bollywood-themed events, these parasols are not just decorative items but a celebration of rich cultural heritage.

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Versatile Event Decor

Transform your event space with the Indian Bohemian Parasol. Whether suspended over a bar, entryway or as a ceiling accent, these parasols create a visually stunning impact. Their versatility makes them perfect for various event types, from corporate gatherings to thematic parties, adding a burst of colour and elegance wherever they are placed.

Our Indian Bohemian Parasol measures 650mm in width and height, offering substantial coverage and visual appeal. Each piece features unique elephant and decorative motif embroidery, ensuring that no two parasols are exactly alike. This uniqueness adds a special touch to your event decor.

Hire Price: $5 + GST
Size: 650mm wide x 650mm high
Note: Elephant and decorative motif embroidered designs
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