Indian Umbrellas

A Touch of Authentic Indian Elegance

Immerse your event in the vibrant and colourful essence of India with our Indian Umbrellas.

Perfect for Indian or Bollywood-themed events, these umbrellas open to a grand 1.8-meter diameter, showcasing a variety of decorative designs and motifs. Sourced directly from India, they promise to add an authentic and visually stunning element to your event.

The umbrellas feature an array of colours and intricate designs, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of India. Their varied patterns ensure that each piece is unique, offering a bespoke touch to your event’s decor.

Event Integration

These umbrellas are not just props; they are conversation starters. Ideal for gala dinners, theme parties, and corporate events, they create an immersive experience, transporting your guests to the heart of India. Their versatility allows them to be used as centrepieces, photo backdrops, or as part of a larger thematic decor.

Hire Price: $25 + GST
Size: 1.8m diameter and 2.4m tall
Note: Various Colours and Designs
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