Inflatable Bold Star 3m

Compact Elegance

The Inflatable Bold Star 3m is a stunning piece of decor that brings a touch of elegance to any event. Designed to hang from the ceiling, this star can be integrated with full-colour RGB lights, offering a magnificent and vibrant display. Its 3m diameter makes it a perfect choice for events in medium-sized venues, providing a significant visual impact without overwhelming the space.

Customizable Ambience

The star’s ability to incorporate RGB lighting allows for a personalized touch, aligning with your event’s colour scheme and mood. Whether it’s for a corporate event, a wedding, or a special celebration, the Inflatable Bold Star 3m adapts to your decor needs, adding a modern and sophisticated element.

Safety and Professional Installation

Events Fantastic prioritizes safety and professional installation for all its inflatable decor. The Bold Star 3m requires expert setup to ensure it is displayed safely and effectively, making it a secure and dazzling feature at your event.

Product Features

  • Ceiling-hanging inflatable star design
  • Incorporates full-colour RGB lights
  • Magnificent visual impact for events
  • Ideal for diverse event themes
  • Enhances event ambience dramatically
Hire Price: $250 + GST
Size: 3m
Note: 3m Inflatable Bold Star
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