Inflatable Dolphin Arch

Welcoming Aquatic Gateway

The Inflatable Dolphin Arch is a unique and inviting entrance feature for any event, especially those with a marine or beach theme. Measuring 6 meters in length and 5.4 meters in height, this arch creates an impressive and welcoming entry point, setting the tone for an aquatic adventure. Its playful design features a pair of dolphins leaping over the arch, symbolizing joy and the free spirit of the ocean.

Perfect for Themed Events and Entrances

This inflatable arch is ideal for events such as beach parties, corporate gatherings, and exhibitions where making a memorable first impression is crucial. It serves as a fantastic photo opportunity, encouraging guests to capture and share their experiences on social media.

Lightweight and Easy to Install

Despite its large size, the Inflatable Dolphin Arch is surprisingly lightweight and easy to set up, making it a practical choice for both indoor and outdoor venues. Its ease of installation ensures a hassle-free setup, allowing event planners to focus on other aspects of their event.

Product Features

  • Quick, Hassle-Free Inflation System
  • Vibrant, Eye-Catching Colour Scheme
  • Durable, Weather-Resistant Material
  • Easy, Secure Anchoring Mechanism
  • Versatile, Suitable for Various Events
Hire Price: $500 + GST
Weight: 10.7kg
Size: 6M Long x 5.4m Tall
Note: Inflatable Dolphin Arch 6m wide x 5.4m tall
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