Inflatable Octopus 12M

Spectacular Underwater Marvel

The Inflatable Octopus 12m is a stunning piece that promises to transform any event space into a breathtaking under-the-sea spectacle. With its enormous size, spanning 12 meters in diameter and 4.5 meters in height, this inflatable octopus stands as an awe-inspiring centrepiece, perfect for large-scale events seeking to create an unforgettable nautical adventure.

Lifelike Detail and Vibrant Design

This inflatable sea creature boasts an incredibly lifelike appearance with vibrant pink skin and distinctive orange dots extending down each of its eight majestic tentacles. The large, meticulously crafted suction cups on each arm add engaging depth and texture, captivating the imagination of your guests and enhancing the overall realism of this magnificent decor piece.

Versatile and Eye-Catching for Various Events

Ideal for concerts, themed parties, or outdoor festivals, the Inflatable Octopus 12m can be flown, making it a striking feature in expansive event venues. Its whimsical charm and mesmerizing design immerse guests in a marine world, adding a unique and playful touch to any setting.

Product Features

  • Striking Colour Design
  • Simple Assembly Process
  • Durable in Various Weathers
  • Integrated LED Illumination
  • Flexible Positioning Choices
Hire Price: $1200 + GST
Weight: 18kg
Size: 12M Long x 4m Tall
Note: 12m Inflatable Octopus
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