Inflatable Octopus 12M

Our stunning Gigantic Inflatable Octopus is a breathtaking piece designed to transform your event space into an unforgettable under-the-sea spectacle. Its impressive dimensions of 12 meters in diameter and 4.5 meters in height make it an awe-inspiring centerpiece for any large-scale event.

Incredibly lifelike, this inflatable octopus boasts a vibrant pink skin adorned with distinctive orange dots that extend down each of its eight majestic tentacles. Adding to its exquisite realism, each arm is graced with large, meticulously crafted suction cups, creating an engaging depth and texture that’s sure to capture the imagination of your guests.

This inflatable sea creature is an enormous prop that can be flown, capturing attendees’ attention and hearts in expansive event venues. Whether it’s a concert, a themed party, or an outdoor festival, our inflatable octopus will immerse your guests in a mesmerizing marine world, adding a dash of whimsical charm to any setting.

Offered by Events Fantastic, a leader in the Australian event hire industry, our Inflatable Octopus is available for hire with shipping options spanning the entirety of Australia. We ensure a seamless rental process and timely delivery, no matter your location.

Immerse your guests in the wonders of the deep blue sea, right in the heart of your event! With our Gigantic Inflatable Octopus, an unforgettable nautical adventure is just a hire away.

If you event space is less than 8 metres tall we recommend our medium inflatable octopus.

Hire Price: $1200 + GST
Weight: 18kg
Size: 12M Long x 4m Tall
Note: 12m Inflatable Octopus
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