Kloud Panel

Transformative Event Ambience

Kloud Panels are not just backdrops; they’re transformative pieces that redefine event spaces. Measuring 1.050 meters in height and 1.875 meters in width, these panels offer ample scope for creative expression. Their ability to be stacked in various configurations up to 5 meters high allows for a truly customizable experience. Imagine a gala dinner with a towering, elegant backdrop or a corporate event with a sleek, professional look – Kloud Panels make it possible.

Vibrant Visual Impact

The magic of Kloud Panels is amplified when paired with LED wash lighting. This combination brings the panels to life with a vibrant spectrum of colours, setting the perfect mood for any event. Whether it’s a soft, romantic glow for a wedding or dynamic, energetic hues for a product launch, these panels adapt to the desired tone, ensuring your event is not just seen but felt.

Practical and Elegant Design

Kloud Panels are both affordable and manageable. Their design is based on client requirements, ensuring that each event gets a unique touch. The practicality of these panels lies in their ease of setup and versatility, making them suitable for events of all scales, from intimate gatherings to large-scale conferences.

Product Features

  • Modular Design: Easily stackable up to 5 meters, allowing for customisable configurations.
  • Large Size: Each panel is 1.050m high and 1.875m wide, ideal for impactful visuals.
  • Lighting Compatible: Enhances with LED lighting for vibrant colour displays.
  • Customisable: Designs tailored to client specifications.
  • Practical Weight: Each panel weighs 22kg, sturdy yet manageable for events.

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Hire Price: $150 + GST
Weight: 22kg
Size: 1.050M High x 1.875M Wide
Note: Design based on client requirements
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