Spigot 16 inches Tall (40cm tall)

Spigot 16 inches Tall (40cm tall) – Robust and Versatile Support

The 40cm tall Spigot stands as a robust support solution for event staging, combining strength and versatility. Its taller stature is ideal for supporting heavier and larger structures, ensuring stability and safety at various events.

Key Features: Sturdy and Reliable

Height: 40cm (16 inches)

Weight: 1.4 kg, balancing sturdiness with manageability

Material: Crafted from premium materials for enhanced durability

Design: Tall and strong, suitable for supporting larger structures

Ideal Uses: Strong and Adaptable

This 40cm spigot is perfectly suited for larger-scale events such as exhibitions, trade shows, and outdoor festivals. Its ability to support heavier structures makes it a reliable choice for various event setups.

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Hire Price: 0.01c
Weight: 1.4 kg
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