Spigot 8 inches Tall (20cm tall)

Sturdy and Reliable Support

The 20cm tall Spigot is a robust and essential component for event staging, offering reliable support for various structures. Its compact size and sturdy design make it ideal for supporting backdrops, banners, and light fixtures, ensuring stability and safety at your event.

Key Features: Compact and Strong

Height: 20cm (8 inches)

Weight: 0.8 kg, ensuring easy handling

Material: Made from high-grade materials for durability

Design: Compact and robust, perfect for tight spaces

Ideal Uses: Versatile and Practical

This spigot is perfect for a range of events, from exhibitions to private parties. Its versatility allows for use in both indoor and outdoor settings, providing a secure foundation for your event’s structures.

Suggested Items

Hire Price: $5 + GST
Weight: 0.8 kg
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