African Sunset B Party Backdrop

Interaction in the African Wilderness

This African Sunset backdrop transports viewers to the heart of Africa’s savannah. The mural, painted in a style reminiscent of a wildlife documentary, features a stunning sunset that bathes the scene in warm orange and pink hues. The central figure, a majestic elephant, strides across the desert, its silhouette a striking contrast against the golden horizon.

To the left, a tender scene unfolds with two giraffes in a graceful dance. This intimate moment captures the elegance and serenity of these towering creatures. On the right, a zebra standing in a watering hole, is a common and vital scene in the African landscape, symbolizing both community and survival.

Perfect for Thematic Events

This backdrop is ideal for a range of events, from thematic parties and corporate events to theatrical performances and dance recitals. Its vivid portrayal of the African wilderness makes it a fitting choice for events themed around nature, wildlife, or African culture. It comes with a frame for support and an elegant presentation for your guests.

Code: OA005B
Type: Party Drop
Weight: 5kg
Size: 2.3m High x 4.7m Wide
Note: This is a 1 piece non sectional backdrop and it comes with its own support rigging