Australian Outback 2 – 9m x 12m

Create a Warm Ambience with Classic Landscapes

Explore the culture of Australia with our Australian Outback Backdrop. This remarkable visual creation takes viewers on a journey to the peaceful and pristine landscapes of the outback. It showcases a delightful house set against a scenic backdrop, radiating warmth and tranquillity. The house, with its quaint windows and gently sloping roof, brings a feeling of cosy comfort, providing the perfect backdrop for events aiming to foster a welcoming and serene atmosphere.

Event Versatility

Perfect for a range of themes, from rustic weddings to adventurous theatrical performances, this backdrop brings a touch of enchantment to any event. Its versatility makes it suitable for musicals, dance recitals, or any occasion that desires a backdrop with a harmonious relationship between nature and architecture.

Code: AW041
Type: Sectional 4PHP
Weight: 25kg
Size: 9.26m High x 12.08m Wide
Note: This is a 4 piece sectional backdrop
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