Australian Outback 3 – 9m x 12m

A Genuine Outback Experience

Step into the serene beauty of the Australian Outback with our meticulously crafted backdrop. This piece portrays a peaceful river scene, where the gentle flow of water carves through a calming landscape. Towering trees, depicted with remarkable detail, stand as silent guardians of the land, their branches dancing softly in the breeze. The artist’s adept use of brushstrokes and colour brings this tranquil scene to life, offering a glimpse into the untouched beauty of nature. This artwork is a celebration of nature’s quiet moments, inviting viewers to feel the soothing ambience of the Outback.

Ideal Settings for Use

Perfect for a range of events, this backdrop sets the scene for Australian-themed parties, cultural celebrations, and educational events. It’s also an excellent choice for productions that require a backdrop of natural beauty, such as plays set in rural Australia, performances celebrating Australian heritage, or any artistic presentation aiming to capture the spirit of the Outback.

Code: AW042
Type: 4PHP
Weight: 25.50kg
Size: 9.26m High x 12.08m Wide
Note: This is a 4 piece sectional backdrop
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