Deco Party 1C Party Backdrop

Mystery and Elegance in Silhouette

The Deco Party 1C Backdrop is a masterful blend of bold design and intriguing silhouettes, transporting viewers to the heart of the Roaring Twenties. Set against a backdrop of black and pink stripes, the scene is both vibrant and dynamic, embodying the spirit of an era known for its exuberant style and cultural flair. A prominent feature is a woman’s silhouette against a window, holding a scythe, symbolising power and grace. 

Ideal for Themed Events and Performances

This backdrop is perfect for themed events, theatrical performances, and dance recitals, offering a captivating visual element that is sure to impress. Whether it’s a Gatsby-style party, a vintage-themed wedding, or a theatrical production set in the 1920s, the Deco Party 1C Backdrop adds an authentic and stylish touch to any occasion. This backdrop is a single, non-sectional piece with its support rigging.

Code: ADB001C
Type: Party Drop
Weight: 5kg
Size: 2.3m High x 4.7m Wide
Note: This is a 1 piece non sectional backdrop and it comes with its own support rigging