Bean Bag Toss

A Time-Honoured Game for All Events

The Bean Bag Toss, commonly known as Cornhole, is a cherished game with roots tracing back to 14th-century Germany, now a popular feature at American tailgate parties. This game set includes two robust game boards, each measuring 92cm in length, 60cm in width, and with a ramp height of 21cm. The package comes complete with eight bean bags in vibrant red and blue colours, a convenient carry bag for easy transportation, and a comprehensive Bean Bag Toss Rules Card. Designed for versatility, the game is suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of events.

How to Play the Game

Setting Up: Position two boards facing each other, with distance adjustable for player age and skill.

Game Objective: Aim for players or teams to first score 21 points.

Taking Turns: Alternate throws of bean bags towards the opposite board, targeting the hole or board surface.

Scoring Points: Earn three points for a bag in the hole, and one point for a bag on the board; play until someone reaches or surpasses 21 points.

Winning the Game: The first to accumulate 21 points is declared the winner.

Product Features

  • Engages All Age Groups
  • Quick, Easy Setup
  • Boosts Social Interaction
  • Adaptable for Any Space
  • Fun, Competitive Entertainment
Hire Price: $50 + GST
Size: Length = 92cm Width = 60cm Ramp Height = 21cm
Note: Includes 2 x Bean Bag Boards, 4 x Red Bean Bags 4 x Blue Bean Bags, 1 x Carry Bag and 1 x Bean Bag Toss Rules Card
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