Giant Chess

Majestic Chess on a Grand Scale

The Giant Chess Set offers a grand twist on the classic game. It features a large 3m x 3m nylon chess mat and oversized pieces, with pawns at 40cm and the King and Queen at 62cm and 59cm. Made from durable, water-resistant, and UV-protected high-density polyethylene recycled plastic, it’s perfect for outdoor play. The set combines functionality with an eye-catching classic design. The lightweight pieces and foldable nylon chessboard ensure easy handling and quick setup.

It is more than just a game; it’s a statement piece that is perfect for creating a focal point in entertainment areas and magically attracts participants into the game. Whether it’s a corporate event, a family gathering, or a community festival, Giant Chess is sure to be a memorable addition.

How to Play the Game

Gameplay: Similar to traditional chess, aiming to checkmate the opponent’s king.

Unique Experience: Larger pieces and a playing area add a new dimension to the strategy.

Inclusive: Suitable for both seasoned players and beginners, with a rule book included.

Product Features

  • Durable, weather-resistant plastic construction.
  • UV-protected for outdoor longevity.
  • Eye-catching, classic aesthetic design.
  • Foldable board for easy setup.
  • Enhances social interaction and engagement.
Hire Price: $50 + GST
Weight: 31kg
Size: 3m x 3m
Note: 3m x3m nylon chess mat with 30cm squares 40cm Pawns to 62cm for King and 59cm for Queen, Rule Book
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