Inflatable Mirror Sphere 3M

Reflective Elegance

Create a touch of sophistication for your event with the 3M Inflatable Mirror Sphere. This highly reflective, mirrored sphere is a versatile piece, perfect for creating dynamic backdrops on the ground or as a complement to lighting designs when suspended above. Its use in pre-function spaces or as set pieces for fashion shows adds a stylish and modern element to any event.

Versatile and Visually Impactful

Available in 1.5m, 2m, and 3m diameters, the Inflatable Mirror Sphere is adaptable to various event sizes and themes. Weighing 9kg, it’s a practical choice for both indoor and outdoor settings, offering a unique visual appeal that captivates guests.

A Modern Twist for Any Event

Whether it’s for a corporate event, a wedding, or a fashion show, the Inflatable Mirror Sphere adds a contemporary and chic element. Its reflective surface is not just decorative but also enhances the overall lighting and ambience of the event.

Product Feature

  • Highly reflective mirrored surface
  • Dynamic backdrop or set piece
  • Suitable for fashion show settings
  • Stylish addition to event ceilings
  • Available in multiple diameters
Hire Price: $200 + GST
Weight: 9kg
Size: 2m and 3m Diameter
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