Orange Lycra Table Cap

Vibrant and Versatile

The Orange Lycra Table Cap is a dynamic choice for event planners looking to add a burst of colour to their setup.

Ideal for a range of themes, this table cap can transform a simple buffet table into a striking focal point.

Its vibrant orange hue is perfect for creating an energetic atmosphere and can be effortlessly paired with various colour schemes to enhance your event’s visual appeal.

Easy Setup and Maintenance

Crafted from high-quality lycra, this table cap is not only visually appealing but also incredibly practical.

Its stretchable fabric ensures a snug fit on various table sizes, offering a sleek and professional look.

The material is also low-maintenance, resisting wrinkles and stains, which makes it a convenient option for busy event planners.

Event Compatibility

This table cap is an excellent choice for a variety of events, including corporate gatherings, gala dinners, fundraisers, and theme parties.

Its bold colour can be a key element in creating an engaging and memorable environment for your guests.

Hire Price: $23 + GST
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